Thanks for popping by! I’m Rosalie, the designer of these cards, hoping they bring a smile to your face and those you send them to! 


When I’m not designing postcards you’ll find me raising three awesome boys, supporting my husband to lead a church and chasing our chickens (Biffalo Buff, Shadrack and Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face) around the garden. 


If I could plan a dream day, it would involve an adventure up on Dartmoor in the morning, then head to a beach with friends in the afternoon for some bodyboarding or cricket and stay into the evening with a fire going, the guitar out and singing under the stars...


If I could somehow squeeze in some good  coffee, a hockey match, bit of sewing and a game of Articulate then I’d have made it! 


I hope these cards help you connect with those you love!